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Latest news from industry

Welcome back again. Bad period continue. Lots of program Scam recently one of them is Cryptotrader Group is one of them this project SCAM after only 4 days. We have receive one two withdrawals. Please beware DO NOT INVEST.

Yesterday TraderIX withdrawal was Pending and up until now we still did not receive requested withdrawal. This project was monitored by me from the beginning and it lasted 49 days. Not bad but I was hoping for much longer.

NobleDDos - Pending withdrawal since yesterday, it may be temporary problems but i think this may be it. This project lasted 37 days.

Two new projects added this week one of them is AltronFX with a plan 0.2h for 725hours with is 30 days, one month.

Another project added this week is CoinX the plans start from 1.11% daily nice long term looking project.

Guys please change statuses on monitors before investing in any project in very near future.


Mar-20-2018 10:58:20 AM