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Overview Kryptolect

Welcome back again guys this time am going to do review of the project that has been added to Executive section on the 05.03.2018 with the name KryptoLect. Behind the project company claims to be in the field of cryptocurrencies as well as other financial activities. They claim to be working for past 6 years.
The project is running on licence GoldCoders script and has domain Validation SSL certificate from Comodo valid for another 357 days. KryptoLect is a registered company in UK with a registration number 11225979 and it is incorporated on the 26.02.2018.

The company offers two investment plans and this are 4% daily for 40 days with minimum deposit of 25$. Total ROI after 40 days is 160% with is not bad for a month and 10 days. Second plan requires 250$ deposit and it pays 0.4% hourly for the period of 325 hours, with is 13.5 day. Total ROI after plan expired will be 130% with is really good especially with the fact that in a space of month 2 cycles of this plan can be finished. Both plans have a deposit included in profit.

Withdrawals in KryptoLect are processed instantly, we have done some withdrawals and current status on is PAYING, please check the website daily for any updates. At the time of writing project is Paying for 2 days and there are over 400 accounts and over 30k $ has been deposited and over 1000$ withdrawn. Not bad statistics for just 2 days. Latest statistics can be found on the home page. Project also has a Facebook page as well as FB group.

This project offers 2 levels affiliate program 5% on the first level and 1% on the second level.

Thanks again for reading the review and if You are interested in joining please click KryptoLect.

Please remember to only invest the money You can afford to lose.

Mar-7-2018 01:51:34 PM