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Halexo Overview

On the 16.12.2017 new project has been added to Sticky Section Halexo. Project has been added to noprobshyips the same day as it has become available to the investors. Halexo claims to be a group of professional’s traders that created a trading bot to successfully trade Crypto. The design of the website itself is very professional, eye friendly template. Website runs on the well-known GoldCoders script licence. Domain is registered in NameCheap, SSL certificate Damian Validation from Comodo valid from 15.12.2017 to 15.12.2018. DDoS protection. Halexo is a registered company in United Kingdom on 21 September 2017, document proving this is available on about us site. Project has a valid Facebook account with 5 likes so far. There is also skype available to communicate with admins.

Project offers 3 investment plans:
Plan 1 0.20% per hour. 5% daily Min 0.003BTC Max 1BTC
Plan 2 0.29% per hour. 7% per day Min 1.001BTC Max 10BTC
Plan 3 0.37% per hour. 9% per day Min 10.001 BTC Max 100BTC

The plans depend of the size of the deposit, minimum deposit is set to be 0.003Btc with the amount we get 5% daily profit. Investment of 1Btc will give us profit of 7% daily. And the last plan requires an investment of 10Btc and daily profit is 9%. All the plans are indefinite. With means we will be receiving profits on the hourly basis as long as project will be working. Initial deposit is included in profits. Minimum withdrawal is being set at 0.0005Btc, are withdrawals will be processed instantly there is no fee for withdrawals. Deposit will be added to account after 3 network confirmations, our deposit was processed within 30 minutes of sending Bitcoins. We have not yet made any withdrawal, but once we do monitor status will be changed.

Halexo offer 4 levels affiliate program. First level 6% second 3% third 2% and level 4 1% from the deposit of the referrals. Website is translated to Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian and French.

To register click Halexo

Dec-16-2017 10:13:13 AM