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Star Bank Group Introduction

Introduction of the new project Star Bank Group

Welcome everyone again. The first contact in 2019 hopes You all have a great Christmas and new year celebration. This time I am going to review project that has been added to 4 days as a Sticky Listing item. Therefore insurance is available to all users from another 15 days. Just make sure noprobs is stated as upline. Star Bank Group is a well-established project that is Paying for 41 days. Plans are pointing for a very long run. Admin recently has added another plan 2% weekly for 26 weeks in other words 6 months.

Technical Side of the project - Project runs on licence GoldCoders script and has SSL certificate.

Current Statistics - As of 02.01.2018 project is running for 41 days. On the home page, there is no statistics only last 3 deposits and last 3 withdrawals.

Investment plans - Project offers 2 investment plans

0.3 % Daily for 35 days, with will bring the profit of 10.5% Total ROI: 110.5% minimal deposit 10$

2% Weekly for 26 weeks, with will bring the profit of 52% Total ROI: 152% minimal deposit 25$

Withdrawals - Withdrawal is processed manually I have done withdrawal with has been processed within 2h. Info from FAQ is stating withdrawals will be processed within 12 business hours.

Payment Processors - Only 1 payment processor and that is PerfectMoney.

Affiliate commission - Commission is based on the number of active refs. Stating from 0.5% going up to 1%

Level A 1 to 2 refs 0.50%
Level B 3 to 5 refs 0.60%
Level C 6 to 10 refs 0.70%
Level D 11 to 20 refs 0.80%
Level E 21 and more 1.00%

Noprobshyips Admin Comment - Hopefully this will be a very long-term project, plans defiantly pointing for it. The project has a very simple GoldCoders licence. But until I am writing this video project is working and paying for 41 days. Admins of the project must be well established and hopefully this will bring that will work for a very long time.

Dear readers of noprobshyips, please check out our YouTube Channel for introduction video of Star Bank Group. And the latest news.

As always thanks for reading this review guy’s hope You find this helpful. If You interested in joining Star Bank Group please click on the link, please remember that any investment carry risk there is a chance to lose some or all of some of the money deposited. Please only invest money You can afford to lose. Invest wisely.

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Jan-2-2019 04:02:03 PM