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Xorrtos - Introduction

Introduction of the new project Xorrtos

I must say this new project Xorrtos that has started on the 21.11.2018 is prepared extremely well especially if one looks from the design point of view. Just every little detail is taken care of. Admin did not put lots of promotion at the start with many may say is also a good sign. The project is very visible in social media, with Telegram support also available admins are very responsive. Nowadays this has become a norm. The website is translated into Russian and English.

Technical Side of the project - Project runs on licence H script and has essential SSL protection. The company is registered in the UK for trading. Company number 11673242 incorporated on 12.11.2018. Proof of such can be seen in About Us page.

Current Statistics - After 4 running stats are over 70k $ in deposits. Over 11k $ in withdrawals. And over 400 accounts. Hard to determine if these statistics are not enhanced. Quite a lot of deposits with little over 400 accounts.

Investment plans - Xorrtos offer 6 investment plans. 2 with a deposit to be returned at the end of the plan. One with the deposit being included with daily accruals. Another plan where accruals will be every 5 days. And the two after plans. Minimum deposit is 10$ with the amount one qualifies for the first plan with is 1.9% daily for 35 days. It is not clear if this is a calendar or business days. This is a long-term plan; another plan is also long-term and requires the deposit of 150$ with this plan one gets 2% daily for 40 days. Deposit is returned at the end of the period. 5% daily for 30 days requires the deposit of 20$ with this plan parts of deposits are included in daily accruals. We choose this plan to invest. In the plan after 20 days, the break-even point is reached. I give the highest RCB and break-even point comes even quicker. First after a plan that’s 210% after 21 say. And finally, 400% after 50 days. This plan requires the deposit of 50$

Withdrawals - Withdrawal are manual and it can take up to 72h. However, status on our monitor is PAYING we have done few withdrawals and all of them has been processed within 1h. Please check daily for the latest status before investing in any project.

Payment Processors - PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Ripple

Affiliate commission - 3 levels affiliate commission of 6% - 3% and 1% on third level. One can also become representative for Xorrtos, requirements are at least 1000$ in deposit and turnover of the structure of at least 7000$, then affiliate commission becomes 8% - 4% and 2%.

Noprobshyips Admin Comment - Very well-prepared project especially the design. Nicely design plans show indication of the project is long term. We will see in time how this will come around. The project is visible in many social media platforms as well as monitors. Easy access to any kind of support via Telegram Chat. Overall a very good first impression.

Dear readers of noprobshyips, please check out our YouTube Channel for introduction video of Xorrtos. And the latest news.

As always thanks for reading this review guy’s hope You find this helpful. If You interested in joining Xorrtos please click on the link, please remember that any investment carry risk there is a chance to lose some or all of some of the money deposited. Please only invest money You can afford to lose. Invest wisely.

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Nov-25-2018 04:27:38 PM