Crypto Holders added

Today new project has been added to Premium Listing Section Crypto Holders, licence GoldCoders script. Nicely designed site.

7% daily for 22 business days plan and 110% after 7 days

Many different payment plans everyone find something

Good Luck and please remember invest when You can afford to lose

Dec-11-2017 09:26:45 AM

New Listing in Standard Listing Section -

New listing has been added today to Standard Listing Section, with quiet few plans. Two hourly plans and 3 plans after. Accept - Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash

to register click <a href="" target=_blank >Bit Plaza</a>
<a href="">
<img src="" height="60" width="468" >

Dec-8-2017 12:55:09 PM has stopped paying- SCAM

Bit traders sadly has stopped Paying after a good run of 27 days instant Payments. Do not invest there!

Dec-8-2017 12:50:51 PM

Industry Update

Welcome to the wrap up from the industry. First and most important Laser Online has stopped Paying and it has been moved to Scam after 137 days being online. Sadly after a good run. Profittery and Fx Prog has also been moved to Scam sadly. Raizex after paying for 40 days. Investors who has made deposit on the first days, has been able to finish one cycle.
New additons from today are -

<a href="" target=_blank >Coins Energy</a> that pay 1% every 3h on the week days, and every 4h on the weekends. Deposits are working for life.
<a href="" target=_blank >Money Sided</a> from 12% to 16% daily for 12 days.

Nov-15-2017 06:00:50 PM

Industry Update

Welcome visitors of NOPROBSHYIPS. This is a short update on the projects that are listed on the monitor. Few extra addition and few projects has been moved to Not Paying.

Raizex after Paying almost instantly project was moved to Scam, it was a very promising listing but sadly has stopped Paying.
Biostry very good project that was Paying instantly for 57 days. There have been few changes to save the project from admin. Extra investment plans, also additional payment methods, but sadly as well as Raizex, stopped Paying. This are the two Major projects that have Stopped paying this week.

Few good looking projects have been added to monitor. B3rusk has been added to the Sticky section, with nice looking plans from 12% daily for 12 days. Payments are instant we have received first instant payment from B3rusk, and the project has been moved to Paying today. Coin Place has been added today as well to Standard listing section. Variety of plans available for investors. 5% to 6% daily for 20 to 30 days and after plan. Ellir was also added to Standard listing section yesterday. Another very promising project. Unique design, lots of plans to chose from. We have received first almost instant payment today and the project was moved to PAYING. Another short them project Bit Safe, bitcoin only project with a smashing 10% daily forever. Please remember this is a short-term project, if someone is interested in joining please do so at the very begging. Amongst latest monitor addition is Bit Traders. This project has been added on the 11.11.2017. 12% daily for 10 business days. We also receive instant payment via Payeer and project was moved to Paying. Hope You enjoy this industry update, with will be write weekly on each Monday.

Nov-13-2017 01:02:15 PM

Overview Coin Trade

Welcome to the review of <a href=" " target=_blank >Coin Trade</a> with has been added to Sticky Listing section on the 27 October 2017. The company is a registered business in the United Kingdom. And claims to be a group of experienced traders, the make profits trading Cryptocurrency on the popular Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. On the home page are actual statistics, with seems to be real. The website, in general, is prepared very well. Simple and easy.
<a href=" " target=_blank >Coin Trade</a> offer 3 different investment plans the length of the plan depends from the size of the deposit. The investment plans are:

BIT GROW PLAN Minimum Amount 0.01 BTC 2.5% daily for 60 days. Principal Include
BIT SAFE PLAN Minimum Amount 1.0 BTC 2.5% daily for 75 days. Principal Include
BIT EXCHANGE PLAN Minimum Amount 5.0 BTC 2.5% daily for 90 days. Principal Include

In all of the plans deposit in included in profit. Minimum to invest is 0.01Btc, with this plan our daily profit will be 2.5% for the period of 60 days. Next level investment include minimum of 1Btc, and as well as in the previous plan, profit will be 2.5% daily but the investment will work for 75 days. And the third plan require the investment of 5Btc, with this plan daily profit will be 2.5% daily for the period of 90 days. The profit is generated 7 days a week. Withdrawals are processed manually within 24h. We already requested first withdrawal and was processed within 1h and 10 minutes. Minimum to withdraw is 0.001Btc

<a href=" " target=_blank >Coin Trade</a> offer very large 5 levels affiliate commission, first level 8%, second level is 3%, and levels 3 to 5 affiliate commission is 1%. That’s very good part 5 levels deep referral commission.
Now a little bit about the technical side of <a href=" " target=_blank >Coin Trade</a>. The projects run of Licence script from GoldCoders, the domain is register with NameCheap. SSL certificate from GeoTrust – Extended Validation valid from 27 September 2017 to 27 September 2018.

Oct-30-2017 02:06:18 PM

Cryptoosa and TraderBank Problem

Welcome investors today for the first time Cryptoosa and TraderBank withdrawals are pending. Please do not invest in this two projects, as they are probably will NOT BE PAYING ANYMORE. Sad as this two project looked very promising.

Oct-30-2017 05:29:55 AM

Overview Stratxis

Welcome again this time we are going to review to latest project that has been added to Sticky Listing Section on the 25 October 2017. The name of the project is <a href="" target=_blank >Stratxis</a>. The design of the website is much different than any other available. The template is prepared very well. The company is registered in the United Kingdom, the document proving this available on the home page. There is one investment plan available in <a href="" target=_blank >Stratxis</a>. 6% daily for the period of a month 30 days. The principal is included in daily accruals. After month ROI is 180%. Referral bonus for the first level is 8%, second level 3%, and 2% on the level third. Withdrawals are manual in <a href="" target=_blank >Stratxis</a>. Unfortunately, it does not say, how long after requesting the money will be processed. Payment Systems are Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer. Now a little bit about the technical side of <a href="" target=_blank >Stratxis</a>. SSL certificate Domain Validated from Comodo valid from 10 October 2017 to 10 October 2018. Domain is registered on NetEarthOne. The website runs on licence GoldCoders script.

Oct-29-2017 06:57:24 PM

Overview Profit I Need

Welcome, again this time am going to make a review of <a href="" target=_blank >Profit I Need</a>. This project has been added to Sticky Listing section on the 23.10.2017. The design of the website itself looks really good, very unusual template with a lot of details. Very well done up to the latest detail. The website is in the English language but soon will translate to few other languages: Russia, Chinese, German, Spanish, Indonesian, French. <a href="" target=_blank >Profit I Need</a> claims to be an investment company that trades mainly of the forex market as well as cryptocurrency and arbitrage. The company is involved in buying as well as selling.

Investment plans:

Beginner 11% Daily Pays Daily for 12 Days 132% Total R.O.I. Compounding Available $10 - $499

Advanced 11.50% Daily Pays Daily for 12 Days 138% Total R.O.I. Compounding Available $500 - $999

Prof 12% Daily Pays Daily for 12 Days 144% Total R.O.I. Compounding Available $1,000 - $2,499

Expert 14% Daily Pays Daily for 12 Days 168% Total R.O.I. Compounding Available $2,500 - $4,999

Master 16% Daily Pays Daily for 12 Days 192% Total R.O.I. Compounding Available $5,000 - $7,499

Prime 18% Daily Pays Daily for 12 Days 216% Total R.O.I. Compounding Available $7,500 - $99,999

<a href=><img src="" alt="" width="468" height="60" /></a>

Investment plans, depends on this size of our deposit, beginner plans require only 10$ investment, and in this plan, the investor will receive 11% daily for the period of 12 days. After 12 days ROI is 132%, in a space of a month, we can make two and a half circles. Total profit for a month will be around 70 – 80%. Deposit is included in daily payment. Next plan is advance with requires 500$ investment in this plan, like in the previous one we will receive daily profits for the period of 12 days, but the percentage is 11.5%, total ROI after 12 days will be 138%. There are few other plans: Prof, Expert, Master, Prime this plans require deposits of 1000$ for Prof and 7.500$ for Prime. Nicely designed plans in my opinion, with no excess.
Payment systems in <a href="" target=_blank >Profit I Need</a> are Payza with is a very good sign, of Payza approving the API. Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, and Bitcoin. Minimum deposit is 10$. Withdrawals are instant, we have received first test withdrawal from <a href="" target=_blank >Profit I Need</a> and it was processed instantly. Minimal withdrawal is set up at 0.01$, Payza and Bitcoin is 1$
After login to our account, we are faced with nicely prepared account menu with all the options we need. We can check the latest transaction and get promotional banners. Nice for the eye design.
Now a little bit about the technical side of the website. The domain is registered in SSL certificate from Cloud Flare, validation type Organization Validated. <a href="" target=_blank >Profit I Need</a> works on licence GoldCoders script.
Overall this project looks really good from most of the aspects, but remember if You are interested in investing in <a href="" target=_blank >Profit I Need</a>, do not invest the money You can’t afford to lose.

Oct-24-2017 02:22:45 PM

Overview CryptoOsa

Welcome again guys hope You all well. Recently <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> has been upgraded from Standard Listing to Sticky. And this is a review of this project.

The listing has been added to Monitor from the day one, 03 October and since then admin of osa has proven that is serious and project is paying instantly. So as of today, the project is 16 days old. Behind the scene story is that <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> is a company that offers a wide range of cryptocurrency investments. And all sort of financial solutions to make. <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> is a register company is United Kingdom, copy of company house document available to view of the home page. Project offers 3 different investment options, with depends of the size of deposit. Minimum investment is 5$, with this investment <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> will pay 11% for 12 calendar days. ROI after 12 days is 132%.
This is all of the plans and percentage for it:

5$ - 5000$ 11% daily for 12 days
5000$ - 10000$ 12% daily for 12 days
10000 – No Limit 14% daily for 12 days

Three nice and easy investment plans for every budget. <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> accept deposits in – Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Payza. Standard options to make deposits. Withdrawals are instant with is amazing. We have tried all available Payment Systems and on all of them withdrawals were processed instantly. The minimum to withdraw is 0.5$.

Statistics at the time of writing this review are 938 members, over 81k in deposits, over 20k withdrawn. And <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> is working for 16 days.

Technical details about the project. <a href="" target=_blank >Cryptoosa</a> is running on GoldCoders licence script.
SSL Validation Type - Domain Validated (DV)
from Comodo valid from Fri, 29 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMT till Sat, 07 Apr 2018 23:59:59 GMT
The admin of cryptoosa is a serious guy, I hope You like this review.

Oct-19-2017 01:20:52 PM