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Proximus Introduction

Introduction of the new project Proximus

Welcome back everyone. This time I am going to take a look at new Telegram Bot project that has been added to NPH on the 28.01.2019. The project has actually started 23.01, so it is Paying for 8 days. Website for the project is prepared very well. Nicely design logo I must say. But this is Telegram Bot so anyone who want to start with Proximus need to install Telegram.

Technical Side of the project - Telegram Bot only accessible via Telegram. Essential SSL protection.

Current Statistics - Statistics at the time of writing after 8 days. 640 accounts. Some massive amount has been deposited in to the project according to the website over 23BTC.

Investment plans - Project offer 3 investment plans. Minimum deposit is 0.002BTC with this amount daily profit will be 3% for 50 days with will bring ROI of 150% in almost 2 months. Another level of investment is 4% daily and requires the deposit of 0.2BTC, again contract for 50 days. This plan will bring 200% ROI. And third plan is 5% daily for 50 days with minimum deposit of 1.001BTC. Deposit is included in daily profits. With 3% daily plan Break Even Point will be reached within 33 days.

Withdrawals - All payment is processed manually. Current status on NPH is Paying.

Payment Processors - Proximus accept crypto only and that’s Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ripple and Dash

Affiliate commission - Project offer 4 level affiliate commission of 6% - 2% - 1% - 1%

Noprobshyips Admin Comment - This is Telegram Bot so not everyone will like it. Having Telegram is necessary. Overall the website looks really good. Nicely designed plan and major advantage is instant pay-outs with minimal begin 0.002BT. To break even You need a little bit over one month.

Dear readers of noprobshyips, please check out our YouTube Channel for introduction video of Proximus. And the latest news.

As always thanks for reading this review guy’s hope You find this helpful. If You interested in joining Proximus please click on the link, please remember that any investment carry risk there is a chance to lose some or all of some of the money deposited. Please only invest money You can afford to lose. Invest wisely.

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Jan-31-2019 04:23:39 PM