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LuxEarn - Review

Hello guys today am going to review the project that has been around for ages in fact almost 3 years running. That’s Lux Earn obviously it comes from serious admin. Not very often project last this long. On home page You can find videos of how to register, how to make deposits and withdrawals. I must say this project does not miss anything. Lux Earn runs on licence GoldCoders script and also has an Extended Validation SSL valid for another 479 days at the time of writing. Company is registered in Australia, under ASIC company number 622 973 960. Everything is perfect from technical point of view.

Lux Earn offer 6 different tiers of investment plans. Starting with Business with itself offer 5 different plans. First 5% daily for 100 business days with minimum deposit of 750$ and initial deposit to be returned at the end of the period. In fact, each plan in Business section has the deposit returned. Second plan that 5.5% for 80 days with minimum deposit of 52500$ dollars. 6% daily for 60 business days with min of 55000$. 6.5% for 40 days minimum deposit 57500$ and finally 7% daily for 30 days with 60k $ as minimum deposit. Another tier is Ordinary with as well as Business of 5 investment plans, minimum deposit for this section is 25$. 0.5% daily for 365 days requires minimum deposit that’s 25$. Another plan in this section that’s 1.1% daily for 100 days, with minimum of 350$. Another plan 1.25% for 80 days, minimum deposit is set for 42500$. Last plan it this section that’s 2.75% for 40 business days, with minimum of 47500$. Another this is VIP and this section is for after plans. First plan offers staggering 14000% after 100 business days. 8000% after 40 days that’s another plan with minimum deposit of 55000$. VIP section offers 3 other plans. There is 3 more section of with each offers 5 plans, with I will explain in introduction video You can watch soon on our YouTube channel.

Withdrawals are processed manually in Lux Earn, current status on noprobshyips.com is Paying as we have received some withdrawals average waiting time from sending a request is around 4h. Payment processors are as follow PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash and LiteCoin when making a deposit You will be asked in You willing to compound and then You can choose the percentage of compounded profit. You can choose 0% to be compounded if You wish.

Lux Earn bring a possibility to receive affiliate commission up to 5 levels down. All You need to be is attract at least 25 active referrals on first level to receive 2% on the second level. When You bring 50 referrals You will receive 1% on third level. After 150 active referrals You will receive 1% on level 4. 250 active refs activate level 5 with brings home 1% from each downline on level 5. You can also become representative there are some criteria You need to meet, of with I will also talk in the video on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading this guy’s hope You find this helpful. Also, in upcoming days, there will be a video review of this project please check it out if interested. If You interested please click on the link Lux Earn, but please remember that any investment carry risk there is a chance to lose all of some of the money deposited. Please only invest money You can afford to lose.

Aug-7-2018 11:34:01 AM