Crypto Mate Overview

Welcome back again guys this is a review of the project that has been added to Sticky Listing section on the 15.01.2018 <a href="" target=_blank >Crypto Mate</a>.

Very nicely design cryptocurrency only project that accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum.
At the time of writing there is over 3 Bitcoins of deposits accepted and over 240 investors. Statistics looks real to me. Company is registered in UK in companies’ house document can be viewed on the home page. People behind the project claims to be a group of successful traders trading cryptocurrencies.

Investment plans:
<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

All of the plans in <a href="" target=_blank >Crypto Mate</a> are indefinite, meaning the project will be paying indefinitely.

Withdrawals are processed instantly and minimum for Bitcoin is 0.0005 and Ethereum 0.004. <a href="" target=_blank >Crypto Mate</a> offers 3 tier affiliate programs first level 7% second 5% and 3rd 2% for each deposit of down line.

Technical side of the project. Licence for Gold Coders script. Domain Validation SSL certificate from Comodo website is register with namecheap.
Thanks for reading this review, and please remember only invest money You can afford to lose.

<a href=><img src=""/></a>

Jan-16-2018 06:27:27 AM

Diamond Hours overview

Welcome again today am going to create and overview of the project the has been added to Sticky Listing section on the 15.01.2018 <a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a>.

Project was added to the site on the day that has started to work. <a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a> is a registered company in UK, document proving this can be viewed on the home page. Nicely prepared staring page give good impression. Lots of statistics. Last deposits, last withdrawals. And the current stats, with tends to be fake. At the time of writing there is 219 investors with over 3900$ deposited.

<a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a> claims to be crypt currency mining platform, as well as crypto trading. How much of this is true hard to say.

Investment Plans:

Up to 1.55% Hourly for 72 Hours
1.48% Hourly $5.00 - $499.99
1.55% Hourly $500.00 - $5000.00

Up to 3.00% Hourly for 48 Hours
2.50% Hourly $500.00 - $4999.99
3.00% Hourly $5000.00 - $50000.00

Up to 10% Hourly for 24 Hours
8.00% Hourly $5000.00 - $49999.99
10.00% Hourly $50000.00 and more.

All the plans in <a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a> are hourly minimum deposit is set for 5$. Investing 5$ for 1.48% hourly for 72 hours(3 days), will bring 106.56% ROI including deposit. That’s a little bit over 2% daily, and from this it only gets better. Nicely design plans that last from 24h to 72h. Deposit is included in profit. Withdrawals are processed instantly, minimum being 0.1$ and 5$ for crypto. We already made some withdrawals, and this were processed instantly.

<a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a> offer one level affiliate commission of 6% for deposits of referrals. You can become representative with 12% commission in order to do this You need to have minimum active deposit of 5000$ and have some knowledge about the project.

Technical side of <a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a> the project is running on the licence Gold Coders script. Also has a Domain Validation SSL certificate from Comodo valid for 189 days. Domain is register with DynaDot. So far there is no Alexa Ranking for this domain.

Thanks for reading this review, please remember to only invest money You can afford to lose.

<a href="" target=_blank >Diamond Hours</a>

Jan-16-2018 05:30:12 AM

BitFoster moved to Scam

Please do not invest in BitFoster any more. Moved to scam due pending withdrawals

Jan-15-2018 06:25:04 AM

EcoVill Overview

Welcome to the review of the project that has been added to Sticky section <a href="" target=_blank >Eco Vill</a> on the 08.01.2018. The project has started working on the 07.12.2017 and it has been paying investors since. Website runs on the licence H script, with the specific details for this script. Very nicely designed overall.

The project claims to be in the health industry quote from the website:

"EcoVill" is a project designed to provide everyone with a truly healthy and wholesome food. To this end, a farm complex was set up, where a wide range of ecologically clean products are grown on organic basis.

The home page contains the general statistics with believe to be truth. Since start in December over 15k has been deposited, and over 5k withdrawn. The bottom contains the certificate of registration in United Kingdom with can see.

Standard Affiliate program is: 7% - 3% - 2% and can be upgraded after certain levels.

3001$-6000$ $ 9-3-2% turnover structure from
6000$ - 12000$ 11-3-2% turnover structure from
12001$ - 24000$ 13-3-2% turnover structure from
24001$ - 100000$ 15-3-2 % turnover structure from

Investment plans for <a href="" target=_blank >Eco Vill</a>
Nature Spirit
2.70 % Daily profit Min. amount: 10 USD Max. amount: 1000 USD Time: 60 days Accrual: 24 hour Breakeven 37 days

Nature Harmony
3.20 % Daily profit Min. amount: 1001 USD Max. amount: 3000 USD Time: 60 days Accrual: 24 hour Breakeven 32 days

Nature Life
3.70 % Daily profit Min. amount: 3001 USD Max. amount: 100000 USD Time: 60 days Accrual: 24 hour Breakeven 27 days

Minimum withdrawal is set for 0.1$ and all withdrawals are processed instantly.
Payment systems: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, AdvCash.

To register please click <a href="" target=_blank >Eco Vill</a>

Jan-9-2018 12:16:04 PM

Trader Crypto Currency Overview

Welcome to the review of the new project that has been added to Sticky Listing section on the 08.01.2018 with the name <a href="" target=_blank >Trader Crypto Currency
The project originally started on the 14.11.2017 and it has been paying its investors since. The projects run on the unique script with makes it different from others.
SSL certificate of the domain is from Comodo valid from 28 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT Valid to Wed, 28 Nov 2018 – Domain Validated and register with Name Cheap.

Legend of Trader Crypto Currency claims to make profits from busy and volatile crypto currency markets. Main website is originally in Russian language, but easily translate to English, on the home page the is a live quotation on most popular crypto currencies, also promotional video. Link to Facebook page with a group of 53 people. You tube channel with 17 subscribers. Also skype chat and telegram to contact the support. We have a little problem to discuss with support and it was very quickly resolved on the website friendly chat.

The project offers affiliate bonus of 5% from each down line deposit. This will automatically be upgraded if levels are achieved.
Level 3 - Total investment of your partners is $ 1000 The interest rate is increased to 10%
Level 2 - Total investment of your partners is $ 3000 The interest rate is increased to 12%
Level 1 - The total investment of your partners is $ 5000 The interest rate is increased to 15 %
News section is updated often with is a very good sign. <a href="" target=_blank >Trader Crypto Currency
</a> offers 4 different investment plans:

NEW TRADER Min - Max investment: $10.00 - $300.00. 2.10% daily, for 15 days
TOP TRADER Min - Max investment: $301.00 - $1000.00. 4.50% daily, for 30 days
PRO TRADER Min - Max investment: $1001.00 - $10000.00. 5.90% daily, for 60 days
TCC SPECIAL OFFER Min - Max investment: $1000.00 - $10000.00. 4.00% daily, for 50 days.

Plans are nicely designed New Trader, Top Trader and Pro Trader the deposit will be returned after the plan expired. Tcc Special deposit is included in profits. Minimal investment 10$. Minimum withdrawal is 1$. Withdrawals are made manually, however after requesting our first withdrawal, we receive it after about 5 minutes to PerfectMoney account.

Project accept standard payment processors AdvCash, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin.
The create a new deposit first we need to fill the balance and then create a deposit from the available balance.

<a href="" target=_blank > To register click Trader Crypto Currency

Jan-9-2018 11:34:43 AM

Rsi Company Status change to Paying

Rsi Company started to Pay again lack of withdrawals was duo the admins holidays until 03.01.2018. Long live Rsi

Jan-5-2018 02:09:34 PM

Bit Foster overview

Welcome back again. Today we are making an overview of the project the has been added to Sticky Listing section on the 02.01.2018 <a href="" target=_blank >Bit Foster</a> . Brand new year brand new project. I hope all of You have a good Christmas as well as new years eve.
Bit Fosters is a registered company in United Kingdom, document proving this can be found on the bottom of home page. Latest stats are also visible on the home page. From the look of it, statistics are real. Payments processors in <a href="" target=_blank >Bit Foster</a> are Bitcoin as well as bitcoin Cash. This are for the time being the only processors that deposit can be made.

There is one plan available that is 10% daily for 12 calendar days with give us a profit of 120%. Our deposit is included to profit. Withdrawals from <a href="" target=_blank >Bit Foster</a> are instant, we have already tried, and everything is working well so far. Minimum for withdrawal is set for 0.0005Btc. Pretty standard min, we are used to this. There are no fees for making withdrawals.

Affiliate bonus is set for 1.5% from each deposit of referrals, anyone can apply to become a representative and get 5% commission the only condition is that turnover need to be over 0.1Btc.

Domain is registered in Enom on the 3rd November. SSL certificate is from Geo Trust level organization validated. Valid from 23 December 2017 till 23.12.2018. Bit Foster is running on the unique script.

I try to find social media accounts but I was unable to do so. Overall project is prepared very well. I hope You like this review and as always, I urge You to invest only the money You can afford to lose.
Happy new year to everyone.

<a href="" target=_blank >Bit Foster</a>

Jan-5-2018 11:11:01 AM

New Sticky addition Bit Foster - Overview soon available

Today a new project has been added to Sticky Listing section that pays 10% daily for 12 days accept only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Overview soon available to reed.

Jan-2-2018 05:19:59 PM

Halexo Overview

On the 16.12.2017 new project has been added to Sticky Section <a href="" target=_blank >Halexo</a>. Project has been added to noprobshyips the same day as it has become available to the investors. Halexo claims to be a group of professional’s traders that created a trading bot to successfully trade Crypto. The design of the website itself is very professional, eye friendly template. Website runs on the well-known GoldCoders script licence. Domain is registered in NameCheap, SSL certificate Damian Validation from Comodo valid from 15.12.2017 to 15.12.2018. DDoS protection. <a href="" target=_blank >Halexo</a> is a registered company in United Kingdom on 21 September 2017, document proving this is available on about us site. Project has a valid Facebook account with 5 likes so far. There is also skype available to communicate with admins.

Project offers 3 investment plans:
Plan 1 0.20% per hour. 5% daily Min 0.003BTC Max 1BTC
Plan 2 0.29% per hour. 7% per day Min 1.001BTC Max 10BTC
Plan 3 0.37% per hour. 9% per day Min 10.001 BTC Max 100BTC

The plans depend of the size of the deposit, minimum deposit is set to be 0.003Btc with the amount we get 5% daily profit. Investment of 1Btc will give us profit of 7% daily. And the last plan requires an investment of 10Btc and daily profit is 9%. All the plans are indefinite. With means we will be receiving profits on the hourly basis as long as project will be working. Initial deposit is included in profits. Minimum withdrawal is being set at 0.0005Btc, are withdrawals will be processed instantly there is no fee for withdrawals. Deposit will be added to account after 3 network confirmations, our deposit was processed within 30 minutes of sending Bitcoins. We have not yet made any withdrawal, but once we do monitor status will be changed.

<a href="" target=_blank >Halexo</a> offer 4 levels affiliate program. First level 6% second 3% third 2% and level 4 1% from the deposit of the referrals. Website is translated to Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian and French.

To register click <a href="" target=_blank >Halexo</a>

Dec-16-2017 10:13:13 AM

Black week for the industry

Welcome to the news section. This week has been pretty dark for a many good looking projects. First Chain Group has stopped paying after a very good run of over 130 days. This is very sad news this project was unique, but it has come an end just before Christmas. Another project Coin Place also has stopped paying after 31 days, also very promising one. And Crypto SPace10 is not paying any more. Guys please do not invest in any of the!

There has been new addition to noprobshyips with is Crypto Holders, pretty good looking project that pay manually average withdrawal waiting time is around 7-8h.
That project pays 7% daily for 22 business days, started 11 December.

<a href="" target=_blank >Crypto Holders</a>

Good Luck guys and happy Christmas

Dec-14-2017 01:08:32 PM