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Our Investment: $170.00
Payout Ratio: 29%
Last Payout: 672 days ago
Lifetime: 16 days
Minimum: 0.001 BTC
Referral: 6% - 2% - 1%
Withdrawal: Instant
Monitored 16 days
Users Rating:
Investment Plans: 8% daily / 20 days, 10% daily / 20 days, 12% daily / 30 days, 14% daily / 30 days
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Added: Aug 22nd, 2018
Blue Spot Ltd. is a company created by people who deal with cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Based on the experience we have gained while working in other companies, we can now provide you a program with four investment plans that will allow you to earn money every day. Our activities are based on professional market analysis and proven investment signals. We manage our clients' assets very responsibly. In our investments, we use maximum diversification.








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Good heatstreak
Sep 5th, 2018 06:35 PM
I was paid instantly once again from here guys I believe some of you have problems with withdrawals I spoke to the Admin on telegram and found out that is mainly because of the the blockchain network the many transactions are unconfirmed and stuck Your wi
Good xxxxx@coolsite.net
Sep 4th, 2018 09:12 PM
If take care about every member very nice. admin is good.
Good xxxxx@homemail.com
Sep 4th, 2018 09:00 PM
A deposit of 0.006550 BTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. The deposit was received on 1LnZEyChG4cFoBPoitLtH7XKLVne5Koq94 with transaction ID 3e4e1e9f856c4882818f06ac0ffcfa09a403e66e1bc97b082a439ab86ce1ed4f.
Good xxxxx@cash4u.com
Sep 4th, 2018 06:05 PM
Hello Mohamed Tarek. Ƀ 0.00115552 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1HqeN7cz8SfhxX3dp8x7vqyrcKVU3nmGUi. Transaction batch is 342632772f35c581bd37b4c44ca2e6a5251f4dae718ee2a04fead6f2ad0a344f. Blue Spot Ltd.
Good xxxxx@activist.com
Sep 3rd, 2018 07:19 PM
Best investment so far.Let us all support it I highly recommend this program to everyone.
Good xxxxx@europe.com
Sep 3rd, 2018 07:11 PM
Transaction Details Date 2018-09-03 08:51:30 Amount 0.0039115 Processor Bitcoin Account : 1P8SGNzrJKCw4JFAKx9e89NoJQknpmPRFK Batch : af0cb19500b79e2b0f042c1f560165842e0faa8fabf8ffb07e4953d4b08c6ed4
Good xxxxx@chef.net
Sep 3rd, 2018 07:01 PM
PAID!!! :-) By the way, they have very professional support
Good xxxxx@accountant.com
Sep 2nd, 2018 07:56 PM
Withdrawal 0.007451 Sep-02-2018 02:55:39 PM Withdraw to account Batch is e66757221afcd5be5c56ede36740a9c3907635ebb25fb765b871a79cedc0e0c0
Good xxxxx@email.com
Sep 2nd, 2018 04:45 PM
One of the best program,paid to me no problem,invest your money here is right choose. Pay on time.
Good xxxxx@consultant.com
Sep 2nd, 2018 04:13 PM
Payment received +0.00115582 BTC - Batch id: bda81d0a6d46649dc00274511b4c14705344b2dc260b29b67fcbee92abe6a678
Good dariog
Sep 2nd, 2018 03:33 PM
Instant payment : Ƀ 0.00312341 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account. Transaction batch is db3a3fa9c43bf6116ba8775c17b7f32f6bdbf95aba8d5510380cc9136d320d9b.
Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Sep 2nd, 2018 03:22 AM
Ƀ 0.00122400 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account Transaction batch is 4e7c88208e1ac0dc3118f675e68646788c6a3d825fbc2b5437 c3dcc6626e8378.
Good xxxxx@iname.com
Sep 1st, 2018 06:18 PM
Never have any problem for withdrawing.I mean when i request my withdrawals,the site will paid me so fast.thank you admin for doing good job.
Good xxxxx@asia.com
Sep 1st, 2018 06:11 PM
This company changes my time into money, huge thanks admin!!!
Good xxxxx@writeme.com
Sep 1st, 2018 06:01 PM
Date 01-09-2018 06:21 got paid today .. thanks admin +0.00147250 BTC - Batch id: 33d74dd94559ab00a4ca74ae6813ce9ad09f9107cb396e838c1a80acd4c73165.
Good xxxxx@uymail.com
Aug 31st, 2018 04:32 PM
Withdrawal 0.007451 Aug-31-2018 02:55:39 PM Withdraw to account Batch is 0d7be5099fca33747116ea31867943d7f20a1858b5923516a6 0961348b0f9fbc
Good xxxxx@post.com
Aug 31st, 2018 04:25 PM
You can invested their plans right now! Site paying me fine. No problem.
Good xxxxx@linuxmail.org
Aug 31st, 2018 04:13 PM
Withdrawal 0.007451 Aug-31-2018 02:55:39 PM Withdraw to account Batch is 0d7be5099fca33747116ea31867943d7f20a1858b5923516a6 0961348b0f9fbc
Good xxxxx@europe.com
Aug 30th, 2018 05:44 PM
Withdrawal has been processed. Batch id: 5701cdcf71983dde5c8a4c1593a318355c2bd570136bff88dc4e9185da565e8b
Good xxxxx@dr.com
Aug 30th, 2018 05:21 PM
Hello binduhyip, $15.47 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1Bf5QCtVHT5k7At9HD7LbnpUCbnj4HSCnT. Transaction batch is 8505396ff9b0ccb49353964c59139962a48c0069d20fc0aa6f924d676e525bcd.
Good xxxxx@mail.com
Aug 30th, 2018 05:03 PM
Exellent programm. Paid always. I believe and hope for such cooperation. i am In invest and have a profit. Thanky very much.
Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Aug 28th, 2018 06:41 PM
I have withdrawn six times instantly from bluespot.477af0f2696c89c2c8d92fc3f64d928167718ce573736d8ebd5a12c1214874ef
Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Aug 27th, 2018 11:12 AM
BlueSpot on point. Instant payment.Ƀ 0.00101810 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account c7fa5580a78ce1f05c094 Blue Spot Ltd
Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Aug 25th, 2018 02:48 AM
Nobleisgr8 says that bluespot.cc is currently the best : Ƀ 0.00070000 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account . Blue Spot L
Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Aug 23rd, 2018 11:47 AM

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