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1. Hyip’s that pay 5% daily and more.

Another type of the programs is the once that pay 5% daily and some more. Some of them are for indefinite...

Mar-14-2018 02:28:54 PM

2. Hyip's that pay from 2% to 5% daily

HYIP’s that pay between 2% to 5% daily. This kind of projects has the highest possibility to last a reasonable...

Feb-28-2018 01:18:29 PM

3. Witch one to choose?

Making first investment in HYIP, witch one to choose? First thanks for taking the time...

Feb-25-2018 01:35:27 PM

4. What is HYIP?

HYIPS (High Yield Investment Programs) are in fact risky. The investment services by these “companies” offer high...

Feb-21-2018 03:10:41 PM